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🎙️ Speaker One-Sheet Available Now! 🎙️

Excited to share my newly updated speaker one-sheet showcasing my expertise in #STEMeducation and #Mentorship! 🚀

🔍 Discover:

  • Key Speaking Topics: STEM from Womb to University, Innovative Approaches to STEM Education, and Mentorship in STEM 🌟

  • Target Audiences: Educators, Parents, STEM Professionals, University Students & More 🎯

  • Testimonials from Past Engagements & Notable Speaking Engagements 🗣️

Ready to inspire and empower your audience with engaging, informative, and impactful presentations? 🌱

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Phenomenal Sabbath Night School.jpg
Sabbath Night School....png

Phenomenal Sabbath Night School

Fridays at 8:00 pm EST

Phenomenal Financial Freedom

Mondays at 8:45 EST

Phenomenal First Sundays

1st Sundays at 7:00pm EST

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